A facade radiating classic elegance through eye-feeding stones, a foot path with a cool sparkle of the evening light, a stone wall in the garden cherishing the traces of past times, treads worn by thousands of footsteps, an ornate stone grid, a gently curved sink, design showertray or kitchen top – Sutto Renaissance stone is a universal stone, applicable both in enteriors and exteriors, providing you with a special ambience in your everday life.

Public Buildings

Sutto Renaissance stone, due to its exquisite physical qualities, is an outstanding choice for facade veneer, solid base, or exclusive decorative stones. The beauty of natural stone earned several high-class buildings and world-wide famous hotels recognition in Budapest. We are honoured by our projects of distinct buildings, such as the complete facade reconstruction of the Hungarian Parliament, renovation of the Saint Stephen Basilica, the New York Palace, or the home of one of the listed most spectular Four Seasons Hotels, the Gresham Palace.

Public Spaces and Street Pavements

The beauty of public spaces paved by natural stone provide a homey attraction to inhabitants and visitors in many European cities. Thanks to town renovation endeavours, several Hungarian towns have been enriched by virtues of natural stone in Budapest, Pécs, and many others. Beside the aesthetics and high built-in value, natural stone claddings signify further advantage with their so-called ’ecological-footstep’, in addition to that, natural stone pavers, as opposed to artifical materials, during their life-span, do not charge the environment.

Gardens and Greens

Every garden is a one-man-created landscape. Its closeness to nature provides its beauty. Where constructed environment and nature wed, breathing together, you find harmony. Garden is the field where creation of human and nature prevail, therefore it needs careful planning and implementation. Our rich experience in garden developments and the unique, diverse, and inimitable shapes of natural stone, formed by your dreams, result in YOUR landscape creation.