Fabrication Technology

About our Quarries and Stone Processing Capacities

Reneszansz Stone Inc. extracts stone in 4 openings on 114 acres of quarry land in the Sutto region. Our quarries gave raw material to architects and buildings in the Roman Era. Sutto limestone with its exquisite qualities were used in Roman forts, roads, and aquaducts.

Quarrying activities are carried out with highly advanced quarry equipments and methods, with diamond wire saw. The yearly output is 14,000 cubic meters of raw blocks, feeding 130,000 square meters of end-products, tiles and veneers exterior and interior applications, in addition to that 2,000 cubic meters of block items. The stone resources are ensured for 4-500 years ahead.

Overview of our Technological Background

The processing of the quarried raw blocks from Sutto takes place in five modern and equipped production plant, in the locations of Sutto (2), Urom (1), Zalaegerszeg (1), and Nyirbator (1). As basis for commercial and production activities, 11,000 square meters of indoor facilities and 15 acres of industrial area serve the company.

High-capacity gang-saws, blade-saws, polishing lines operate. Representing a substantial industrial volume, an automated tile-production line, CNC-machinery, and digitally fed sculpturing machines work around the clock.

About our Stone Mason and Sculpturing Capacities

Beside the industrial stone processing, Reneszansz offers substantial capacities in specialized, high-profile stone carving and sculpturing. It is our mission to maintain the traditional craftmanship of stone carving in the world of technology in 21st century.

Our stone masons and sculptors are holders of numerous international professional awards. The imprint of their hand-work and craftmanship is to be seen as decorative stones on several domestic and foreign buildings, facades, and public scupltures.

Our production plants are equipped with cutting-edge and high-capacitiy fabricating, polishing, cutting machinery.