About Us

Reneszansz Stone Inc. is one of the leading natural stone companies in Hungary and in Central Europe, with a history of more than half of a century and international recoginition thanks to the pristine traditions and quality workmanship of the Hungarian stone mason experts. Our company is offering you the full spectrum of modern stone products, fabrications, and services.

The reformed Reneszansz Stone Inc. with solely Hungarian proprietorship, quarries its own high-quality material, the freshwater sedimentary Sutto limestone, with cutting edge extracting technologies. The materials are further processed in our 21st century and high-capacity workshops. Beside the stone tiles, claddings, and other architectural products, we pride ourselves in our capabilities to fabricate volumes of especial products to our clients, or undertake stone carving and sculpturing tasks with our quality expertise.

Our expert engineers render consulting services, with peerless experience in modern architecture and traditional stone masonry, in order to provide for the 21st-century renaissance of natural stone, the oldest, the most natural, and also the most modern material in architecture and building construction.

The Management

Miklos Balogh, Chief Executive Officer
Attila Balogh, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Helga Zohány, Operational Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Milestones of our History

  • 1948: predecessor of Reneszansz Stone Inc. established under the name of Stone Mason and Sculpture Company.
  • 1990-1992: company acquired by foreign investors, renamed to
    Reneszansz Stone Inc.
  • 1997: shares of the company acquired by group of in-land expert investors, with personal operation of Reneszansz Stone Inc.
  • 2002: development of high-volume processing plant in Sutto.
  • 2004: stone mason plant opens in Urom.
  • 2007: processing plant opens in Zalaegerszeg.
  • 2009: new cutting-edge slab polisher starting out in Sutto processing plant.
  • 2011: stone art visitor- and conference center opens in Urom.
  • 2013: Aprocessing plant opens in Nyirbator.

Our Activities

  • Quarrying
  • Natural stone processing
  • Fabrication and sales of natural stone products
  • Consulting in natural stone application, engineering and architectural support
  • Installation of exterior and interior stone claddings and objects
It is important for us, that our partners associate our products and services with quality, expertise, and value-standing.